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We are a nut free school! Children are permitted only fresh or dried fruit, vegetables or cheese for morning snack. Sweets, chocolate, biscuits, crisps and nuts are not allowed. Please label your child’s snack as it gets put in the box in the classroom at the start of the day.

TIP: Write the name on a small piece of masking tape and stick it on the snack, or put it in a named, disposable food bag rather than a plastic container (as the children often eat their snacks in the playground). During the afternoon all children are offered a piece of fruit or vegetable which is provided by the NHS to encourage ‘5 a day’.


All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 can have a free hot meal (Universal Free School Meals) or your child can bring a packed lunch to school which is eaten in the school hall. The majority of our children have a hot meal. Parents are asked to inform the school office staff if they will not be taking up the option of a hot meal. You will have to make the choice of your child either having a hot meal every day or not having hot meals at all (i.e. bring a packed lunch every day). Each class has a midday supervisor responsible for the children during this time. We really encourage all children to eat healthy lunches. Our hot meals are nutritionally balanced and include a main course, dessert and drink. If your child has a packed lunch, please make sure they have a drink in their lunch box every day. Children must not bring glass bottles or cans. Please do not include sweets, nuts (because some children have nut allergies) or fizzy drinks in their lunches. A few children, especially when they first start school, go home at lunchtime (12 noon). Please could parents wait at the gate near the bus shelter and your child will be brought out to you. If you are collecting your child after lunch (just after 1pm) please wait outside the school gates on Hawkesbourne Road, just until lunchtime play has finished. Previous experience has shown us that the children can get very distracted by the parents’ arrival!


If you think your child would have been eligible for the old ‘free school meals’ for families on low incomes, then please apply online via: or contact the office who will help you apply. Making this application provides the school with extra money (pupil premium) which we use to pay for a specialist teacher for those children for whom we receive pupil premium and require additional support. If you submit a successful application you will receive either two sweatshirts or sweatcardis, or you may choose one sweatshirt or cardigan together with PE T-shirt and shorts.


A culinary revolution has taken place in West Sussex primary schools with the arrival of Steamplicity™, Chartwells unique hot meal service. Steamplicity™ meals are delicious, nutritionally balanced dishes, individually prepared and cooked to perfection on the school premises.

Using only high-quality ingredients sourced from approved and trusted suppliers, Steamplicity™ offers an exciting range of tasty hot main courses that children enjoy – from exotic Beef Chilli Con Carne with seasoned rice to traditional Roast Dinners.

There’s also a delicious vegetarian option each day, together with a choice of accompaniments and salads, a selection of hot fruity desserts and a satisfying healthy drink.

So if, up to now, your child hasn’t been eating school meals, this is definitely the time to give them a try.

The school will order all hot meals for Littlehaven children but for more information about Chartwells, or to view menus click on the link below:

West Sussex Meal Selector

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