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We have watched our daughter grow in confidence day by day under the wonderful care and guidance of all the staff at Littlehaven. We feel genuinely welcomed and supported here -
Thank you! (AT, November 2012)

Littlehaven has been just such a fantastic school for our son. He settled down really well and has been happy from day one. His skills, confidence and overall outlook has been reinforced and supported. The staff are committed, caring, professional and amazing. Thank you. (November 2012)


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Admissions to Littlehaven

If you would like to visit our school, please contact the school office on 01403 260608 or e-mail office@littlehaven.w-sussex.sch.uk


Contact details for Pupil Admissions Office:
Tel. 0845 075 1007
e-mail: admissions.north@westsussex.gov.uk
Apply online at

What’s special about Littlehaven?

Littlehaven is a small and friendly school, giving an excellent start at school for children aged 4 to 7. We pride ourselves in our welcoming atmosphere for children, parents and visitors.

At Littlehaven our aims are very clear - to provide the best learning opportunities and results for all of our children. We set high standards in all areas and we are proud of the excellent results we achieve.

Every effort is made to increase self-esteem through praise and success. Above all we make Littlehaven an environment where children are happy, confident to learn and where they can develop the ability to learn for themselves.

In a recent survey 99% of parents said that their children were happy at school - a result of which we are very proud.

High expectations

The ethos of the school ensures that everyone at Littlehaven has high expectations of good behaviour based on respect for others. The rules are applied consistently and reinforced by all adults at the school. Good behaviour is praised and poor behaviour is not tolerated.

The children’s learning experiences are based on themes that will motivate and interest them. Through an appropriate use of play in the Early Years to using a range of first hand experiences in the older classes and techniques such as drama, we are able to engage children in their learning to a high level. This leads to high quality work across the curriculum.

We are very proud of Littlehaven school and believe that children who come here get an excellent start to their educational life. We give children wonderful opportunities, responsibilities and a desire to learn, preparing them for their role in society.

If you are a parent thinking of sending your child to Littlehaven then please be sure to come and visit.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child into school.




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